We promote loyalty and engagement through real impact benefits

VoordeelWinkel by Vip District offers employee and member benefits. We understand that happy employees are a company’s most important asset. With our wide range of discounts on various products, you can offer your employees the appreciation and benefits they deserve, while increasing their satisfaction, engagement and productivity.

Your own online shop in your company’s look & feel with spectacular discounts on products from well-known brands, without any work on your part!

Once upon a time…

PersoneelsVoordeelWinkel was created in 2010. After more than 13 years consolidating a strong presence in The Netherlands, in 2024 we’ve joined forces with Vip District, a leading European player in the employee engagement industry. A new and exclusive savings platform to bring unparalleled benefits to the Dutch market!

Since then, as PersoneelVoordeelWinkel by Vip District.

About Vip District

6 countries
in Europe

+ 7 Million users

+ 3000 active platforms

+ 150 employees

Our team

We pursue high quality and do so with pleasure. Our dedicated team brings passion, expertise and a collaborative spirit to every client.

We are with more than 150 people behind the scenes: highly skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

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